The Running Belt

Over here, school was out last Tuesday.

Oh, and also, I decided take running up again...last Tuesday.

The attractive thing about running is that it doesn't take place at home. In fact, by definition, if you do it right, you are heading away from your home.

I think I will get "the belt."  You know...those belts you see runners wearing that hold gel packs, Luna bars, water bottles, cell phones...I don't know what else...epipens? first aid kits?  I see those people and I think, "How far are you running?  Are you running away?"  I've enjoyed mocking them, but I have decided to join them.  And I have a plan:

1) Belt contents: 2 fried chicken legs, 2 Yenglings, magazine, spray water bottle

2) Location:  vacant lot around the corner (formerly known as The Lawn Center, formerly formerly known as place that guy got shot)

3) Plan:  Head to lot, relax until chicken legs gone, spritz self with water (aka "fake sweat") and head home again.

I feel like it's a good plan.  I'll probably even increase my "running time" each week.