School is out

School is out.  That means everyone is touching everyone, and not in a fun way.

The kids are complaining and moaning and fighting..."Why don't we have any fun snacks?!  There is nothing to do!  Why do we have to do everything around here?!  Why can't I be an only child?!"

Finally, I said, "You're right.  You have convinced me.  You face a heart-wrenching plight.  Here is what we are going to do.  We are going to set up a Caring Bridge site for each of you.  On there you can post your sufferings and complaints, such as:

1) My mother always buys Fruit Roll-ups instead of Fruit by the Foot; and

2) Why should I have to walk to the refrigerator for my own juice box when my mother is already crouching near it, scrubbing the floor?

3) Why should I help clean the dog vomit?  Isn't it enough that I point it out to her?

"I feel like the community will really respond and reach out to you in your time of need.  You may get some donations, and you will definitely receive lots of prayer.  They'll want to keep up with your progress, and see whether your circumstances improve."

So watch for their posts and get your checkbooks ready.