jack london

you think you know someone...
we woke and chatted like best friends.  I told her thanks for letting me spend most of last year with my face in her neck.  took her for morning walk, and for first time in a month, let her off the leash for 45 seconds to chase a squirrel.  she did (yes it was cute) then promptly walked a foot to the left and rolled that same neck in something that can only be described as "innards," then as I was shrieking for her to stop, and scrambling to re-leash her, I guess she remembered she was in a Jack London novel, and walked another foot to the right and ate a pile of hummingbird bones.  you could just tell -  they were that cute.  then I thought, "what would Alexander Supertramp clean off innards with?"  so I rubbed her neck with a big wad of clover and walked her home disgusted.
she looks ashamed now, but I swear she strutted.