yes, he was bear with a keytar, but he hadn't always been.
at one time, he was only a bear with a flute.

you see, Gavin's mother was all about woodwinds.  she used to tell him, "All you need Son, is the breath within you, and you can make the music of angels.  in the bible, they only use wind instruments."  and for a long time, Gavin tried.  he took lesson after lesson, practiced in his room for hours, listened to the great flautists of his time like - well, we all know who they are - why waste time naming them?  but try as he might, he just couldn't find the joy.  the angels weren't on his side.  the wind wasn't within him. 
plus the flute made him look fat.

one evening, he stood before the full length mirror in his room, his claws scrabbling to cover those buttons on the flute that are called - well, we all know what they're called, why waste time naming them?  that night, he gave up the flute for good.  he thought to himself, "mother, I tried.  the breath within me just isn't enough.  sin or not, I need some fucking electricity."

and the rest is history.
or will be.