I went to Memphis
I saw the Lorraine
I went to the bank of the Mississippi and said "look kids - over there is Arkansas!"
they said, "...yuck."

we drove on in a minivan
full of feet and cheezits.
I bought a basket on a corner made by the women.
artists for money, not for hobby or filling time
the women who wove are fighting for their lives
the baskets are the only thing they've got left to give.
do you fight?  who do you fight? 
I fight.  i fight me. 
and I fight hard like tyler damn durden
hey, come fight me.  you look less determined and a bit tired.
is it because you're a vegan?

in the van dozing, I dream about a going away party.
I attend with a painstakingly chosen gift.
is the gift right?  is it wrong?  I worry all nap
while I should be dreaming about flying and dating bradley cooper.
I wake.
I see the basket I bought.  is it right? is it wrong?  I worry all day
while I should be flying and dating bradley cooper.

bradley.  brads.
twirly whirly brass delights 
uh oh it's a tack, don't poke yourself, honey!
"no mom no - look - the back butterflies out and now you can make anything." 

oh yeah? anything? 
a car?  the great American novel?  the fighting stop?  racism end?  men respect women respect men?  religion bow to god?"
"damn, mom. 
I meant like a pinwheel."

make that.
make me one too.