I wonder whether it's worse to be seen or unseen.  I guess it's depends on who is looking.

On one hand, I think to feel invisible would be the death knell for most people.  Most of us just need to be seen, loved and valued.  I think about orphans, and how maybe all they want and pray for is to be chosen.

But to be seen can be hard also.  To feel exposed, scrutinized and judged unworthy might be just as wretched as being unwanted.

I am forever fantasizing about what I'd have tattooed on my left wrist, because, basically, I use it as a Post-it.  What do I need to remember the most?
"Kept?"  As in, God is taking care of me, so quit flailing.
"Loved?"  Basically, same idea.
"Honey?"  Remember he calls me Honey, and probably not Jackass.  That's my inner voice, not His.

This morning, the word "seen" sprang to mind, and a good feeling rose up in my heart, but a twinge followed close behind.  Because to be seen, can mean judgment.  And there is almost no one who takes criticism more poorly than me.  But why did I assume that judging would follow?  Do you feel that way too?  Does being seen mean being evaluated OR being enjoyed to you?  And why?  Does it mean I judge when I see others? 

Hagar was treated badly by Abraham and Sarah.  She was bossed, manipulated, despised, and rejected.  But God saw her.  Really saw her.  With love.  She said, "You are the God who sees me."  Beforehand, she wasn't sure whether a person could see and be seen by God and survive.  But she did.  And she knew his eyes looked on her with pity, mercy and love.

I guess that strengthened her.
Being seen is risky, but being seen with the right eyes can make all the difference.