palm sunday

palm sunday never arrives without me thinking of donkeys.
once i heard the kindest, most gentle man preach on palm sunday. he asked us how we pictured god. there are many aspects of god, and i don't claim to understand a fraction of them,
but i remember this man asking us over and over to remember that god could've blasted into the world, given us the shake down, set things in order and told us off. but instead, he entered as a baby, and near his death, he rode on a simple, humble animal.  and when i'm down or feeling guilty or wretched or just sort of simple and dumb, i know he gets it. and welcomes me into his arms everytime. 
and you too.
that pastor had a hard life. he went on to have an even harder one after that sermon, as well as a very shortened one. he struggled with depression and things beyond his control, and eventually, he lost. maybe that's why i listened to him so carefully, and remember him every palm sunday.