nature is nice, but don't trust it

swifts swiftly swirling twirling curling dolphins in the sky
i perch watching twitching itching to join swiftly stealthy sly
in a bike helmet.

this morning i sat on the dock, with one eye out for sneaky water moccasins
to enjoy the peace of the morning sky
and i did.
a small flock of tiny swifts joined me, circling above and around -- at a polite distance--
it was amazing and fun and enchanting to be in the center of it.
their little torpedo bodies and battyish wings, dipping and diving and gliding.
frankly, they just seemed to be enjoying their lives,
so i sat and enjoyed also, because i can be deep and naturey.  I've experimented with natural deodorants.
but then they started to circle a little more closely, at a less polite distance --
like the guy at a party whose quirky dance moves are fun from across the room, but less fun when he sidles up and singles you out as a partner.
i noticed their beaks were pointier than i first thought, and i could be imagining it, but their eyebrows seemed angry,
also they seemed focused on my forehead which is too large for normal life, but stellar as a beak target,
i went inside for honeybuns.
because it is one thing to enjoy a little nature,
but it is quite another to wake your sisters-in-law at daybreak and ask them to carry you 30 miles to the closest emergency room to have a bird removed from your head.