know thyself...then go sit next to someone different (i heart introverts)

I like introverts.
I'm attracted to them.
I like to force my way into their happy cocoons-
although I'm afraid I might repel them the way a north pole magnet makes another north pole magnet scoot away from it.  I know it seems counterintuitive, since an introvert and extrovert should attract like north and south pole magnets.  But you know what they say about science...
only the minotaurs are allowed to understand it.

These days, there are a lot of books on the power of introverts, and I believe all of them.  Okay, I only read one.  Okay, it was only a article in a magazine.  But I live with two introverts, so I do constant home study.

In addition, and I know these seem totally different, I'm also I'm drawn to those blogs, magazines and art that (in my mind at least) reflect what I like about introverts.  I like simple calm images that don't have a lot of noise or clutter around them.  I want to climb into them and soak up their chi and what not.

The same is true for me at home with my two human examples.  When they are sitting reading or watching tv, if you need comfort, you can sidle up to them, sit down, and just quietly exist.  You can soak up their quiet energy.  I just realized that sounds very parasitic.  And maybe it is.  If you meet my introverts, don't tell them why they suffer from chronic lethargy please, because the system is really working for me.

In contrast, if you sidle up to either of us extroverts in the home, regardless of whether we were engaged in a book or show, we will turn and interact with you.  Picture the Venom suit in Spiderman.  Know how it moved and stuck like tar to whomever touched it?  Well, picture us peeling ourselves out of our book and onto you.  If that's too dark for you, just picture trying to clean up glitter.  It's on the table one minute, but it's perfectly content to move to your hands.  And stay and stay with you.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the extroverts.  We must have a purpose.  There has to be more to us than interrupting Sunday school lectures, heckling stand up comedy sets, and "helping along" other people's anecdotes.  Are we really just here to invade the introverts' bubbles?  Maybe we need an introvert to write the other side of this.  I mean, c'mon.  Wouldja?  Wouldja?  Wouldja?  Whatcha doin'?  Can't it wait?  Wouldja?  Wouldja?