weaving us together into a freaky human afghan

One of my closest friends grew up in a town miles away from me,
but for our entire lives we each had the phone number XXX-0126.
We didn't know this of course until we met in our 20s.
And how did that topic even come up?
But it's weird right?
Your phone number was a big deal back then.  We had landlines.  No caller ID.
No "contacts" memorized by our phones.
You had to memorize numbers.
They mattered.
So meeting a person who ends up being one of the people you click BEST with in your adult life,
and then hearing that her life prior to you was an 0126-life...that's heavy stuff for an 80s child.

There are a lot of these "coincidences" in the world though, you know?
Well, you know I have a theory.  I always have a theory and a hunch...

look how I tried to draw head scratching
and it looks like she's giving you the finger

I think it is very hard to love.
I think it very easy to isolate ourselves.
But loving is good for us.  The one, real, true good without which we cannot live.
I have a hunch that these strange coincidences exist to pull us into relationship with others.
Help pull us out of isolation as gently as possible with a wink and nudge.

We have different types of friendships and relationships.
I tell my children never to be quick to choose one best friend or limit their friend circle.
Different friends scratch different itches (weird sounding, sorry.  sort of gross even).

Don't you have friends with a past similar to yours?
Or a similar personality?
Or sense of humor?
About one person, you both think, "OH!  You're weird in that same way I'm weird.  Yay.  Welcome home, freaky."
With another person you agree "Everyone else thinks this topic is too bleak and dark to talk about, but we can, okay?"
Or maybe another person and you have the same weak spots or fears, so you know when you hear a certain topic on the news (i.e., Twitter), you should call her immediately and see whether she too is in full flail mode.

Past sufferings bring you close to people more than anything.
You hear someone describe the shittiest year of their life and you think, "That was exactly like MY shittiest year...or two!  In fact, everything is shitty right NOW.  Awesome!"

Common ongoing struggles link you.  You can go without speaking to someone for awhile, but when that recurring problem you share rears its head again, they pop into your mind.  You know you can call them, and they'll understand.

Sometimes the weird hard stuff pulls us out of our caves.  Sometimes it's clever unusual stuff.  Either way, it weaves us together as part of a larger family, knits us together as work of art... a human afghan, if you will. 

Human afghan...hmmm....
Is anyone else thinking of Silence of the Lambs now?  Let's stop that immediately. 
How 'bout a tapestry - better?
Okay that.