People Pleasers...Reform, Honeys. Be Like Buttermilk & Tom

 This goat...I never understood people with their online cat videos until I met Buttermilk.
I just needed the right species to speak to my heart.
The other goats have grown weary of Buttermilk...they've lost the will to frolic...
and she does NOT give a crap:
 And oh, Tom.  How I want to be like you some days...with your red balloons and middle finger:
People pleasing is a crippling, paralyzing pursuit. Why do we bother? The worst part is that it is a moving target: there are so many darn people in the world, and they all need different things to be pleased. Just when you figure out what works with one person, you apply it with another, only to discover it falls flat - no, maybe even offends them.

Let's not look to anyone for a grade...except God...His grades are pretty gracious.
Also, don't keep jumping on a little black goat's back.  Yes, it's hilarious, Buttermilk, but don't get carried away.