How to become a runner: Rule #4

Am I the only one who pictures myself in the opening sequence of the Drew Carey Show when I run through town??? Waiting for neighbors to join in from the curb and dance me down the street in some kind of Broadway line dance?

I've run outside for years. Don't do that. The longer you run, the more comfortable you get with it. The world begins to feel like your own personal treadmill. Your music is on, it's sunny, everything is rainbows and unicorns, the neighbors are outside to greet you and cheer you on...but they're not. They're just getting their mail. And guess what; you aren't running as fast as you think you are. And guess what again; they're only looking at you at all, because they heard you breathing hard coming around the corner, and they thought Darth Vader was sneaking up on them.

So, run if you must, but keep your wits about you, eh? Remember, most people hate running. They won't join you, but that's okay. You've got Eminem and your aching knees to keep you company.