Just three young white rappers with the world before them...

Laying down sweet rhymes by day, and catching mosquitoes in their tall bangs by night.

Actually, we're just three more girls who grew up in the 80s, but does it EVER get old to see these hairstyles? So much glamour. So much frosted pink lipstick. So much...taller with those bangs. Chris calls that style the "Flycatcher," and if by that, he means we used it to catch super fly guys at Carolina Skateland or the Irmo Okra Strutt, then I guess he'd be right. (And in case you're too young to know, "fly" was once used as an adjective).

Kimmy (with the jaunty pointing gesture), says it's good to be with people who "knew you when." I'd have to agree. It's always good to see Amy and Kimmy. And after seeing them, about 25 years beyond the bangs, I am happy to report that everyone survived the 80s; only the ozone suffered.