the art of mosey

i want to learn the art of mosey,
sit under the tutelage of a good amble,
lumber along so slowly the dust gathers on my asics speed gel nibus 12s;
stroll more slowly than the stream current passing beside me,
and let my heart rate finally buh-buhm buh-buhm
til i'm na-numb na-numb.
DSL is overrated;
multi-tasking makes me sigh;
what's the scurry, morning glory?
i can't make it to Walden,
i can't even enjoy the Leaves of Grass from a minivan,
however, i can sit here in this line, for once not rushing,
for once not mentally bumping that man's heels with my cart.
instead, i'll just stand quietly, enjoying my fellow humanity...and read about which celebrities have hidden cellulite.