soul day

do you know the wonder of your soul?
I can tell you don't by how quickly you nodded, good student.
look and hear, darty eyes and doubtful ears,
you are wondrous.
your heart is intricately woven, with ever deepening multiplying layers,
heights, depths and capacities.
the things you dare to dream and hope--
the daring is art in itself.  your soul holds these now.

because how much does tangible mean anyway?
what are arms and legs, faces and fannies
when such a soul you hold?
is it a gentle bird chirp or a roar for justice?
you hold secrets we cannot even guess.
no, tangible isn't everything, but since you have them,
we can watch those hands and faces for clues
of the love you are.

from deep in your heart,
the curiosity creeps up through your throat
rises into those eyes
spreads from your chest out over shoulders carrying burdens we don't even know,
gliding down lean arms, tracing lined palms
and beading like drops of water along a thread
into those calloused fingertips.
we will watch those eyes and see them seeing us.
we will track those hands as they flutter and pat,
work and weave their way through the world.

all beautiful parts, but just mentions really,
just hints at that rocking woven filling soul.
who can carry all of that about each day and not be extraordinary?
don't forget.