just a day

it's just a day. 
don't make so much of it, honey. 
why you get all bent outta shape tryin' to get ready and prepped?  i'm going to tell you a secret.  you ready?  because you won't like it: 
pssst, come in close...you will never be ready.
i know.
'tis bullshit, is't not?
what kind of set up is this?  who's in charge here?  i need to speak to the manager of this unmanageable world.
then do.  go speak at him...or her.
but in the meantime, put on real pants, because this day has started already, so you better catch up.
you can let it steamroll you into chewed gum on a sidewalk,
or you can hop on the riffled back of a chubby round robin and coast above it all.
just show up.
p.s. or the bus.  you can also take the bus i guess.