the peace of wild things

when you're a dog, your human must remember to walk you.
when you're a human, you must remember to walk yourself.
don't forget you need the woods,
things make more sense there,
or maybe you just make more sense there.
and when things are really hard or confusing,
sometimes i just need fat birds and grass for clarity.
and if you can't get "away," don't get in a big sweaty fuss about it,
it doesn't have to take long.
i don't like to brag, but i can find a strip of nature just about anywhere.
once i stretched out under a cute tree on a grassy median
between Firestone and Buffalo Wild Wings,
and had one of my best top 10 naps ever.
was i asked if i needed help or was in distress?  perhaps.
but i just said, "hey, mister - don't be judgy - if this was europe, you'd be the weird one in your Lexus, and i'd be normal.
and topless.  and a socialist.  and waiting for a bus to see a castle."
[okay, i've never been to europe, but some of those things must be true].