the missing piece - only piece?

in my 20s, when I first heard God was sovereign and omniscient, I sank my teeth into those ideas hard.  at the time, it was the only way He made sense to me...the only way He could be God.  that's not a bad thing.  however, I have had trouble believing the third piece.  I'm learning it now. 
I wish I'd learned it first.  having known the first two pieces without the third...well, I almost think I'd have been better off not knowing Him at all.  I'm glad I can't rewrite my past I suppose.
it feels like i've been in a few churches where the first two truths were pounded and pounded into people with the fear that the third couldn't stand alone.
maybe it can't.  however, i'll die before I pound those into anyone else.  i'll only offer them Mother Juliana's words like a soft blanket over and over.  they'll learn the other two soon enough.