be lovely in your own bones

"i swear she cast a shadow white as a stone"

i remember hearing about rocks in pockets to remind you of milestones.
there's something biblical to it, or maybe just fake-biblical that someone contrived...I'm too lazy for research today.  all i know is that a girl i trust said she carried them to remind her of times of struggle that ended with hope.  she carried them, literally at first and later mentally, to give her hope for future struggles.
on my walks this past week, i found two.
the first i chose during a walk that gave me a glimpse of the future and of god's love for me.  I knew it would be fleeting, and i didn't want to forget once it whooshed away. 
the second i chose as I walked and read over and over the poem "i knew a woman" by theodore roethke, because sometimes you get glimpses of what you want, but sometimes you get glimpses of whom you want to be.