uno thingo

no one knows that the One Thing they're asking us to do is the thing that could push us over the edge.
and it's not their job to know.
it's ours, I suppose.
and what about the nine things we did leading up to their one thing?  they weren't even around for those; how can they be culpable?
but it feels like they are.
it feels like they're saying, "it's SO important - this One Thing!  it's One-Not-So-Big-Fairly-Easy-Thing - why not just do it?"

well...because of going over the edge and what not.  were you not listening?

sometimes we take on the nine things mindlessly, impulsively and even unwisely.
and the tenth One Thing has to be done.
we must knuckle down, kneel down and pray we can pull it off.
and sometimes we say, I'm sorry; but it's just One Thing.
one Damn thing.
holes have been kicked in walls over less. 
and so I shan't.