New Dog Breed: OttoLab (part Ottoman + part Labrador Retriever= Roxy)

i'm just a little fat black dog full of trust and used ear plugs.
why'd you drop me from such a height?

"throw her in," they called to you.
"swim to shore," they called to me
but you're the only destination I've ever known, so i turned and swam back toward the boat --
after i surfaced, i mean.  first, i went down deep.  evidently, i'm small, but dense.  what are you feeding me?

i saw on your face that you regretted your choice and you jumped in after me,
not soon enough in my opinion.
i scrambled up and around your shoulders like a 30-pound panicky mink stole.

later you laughed over beers on the screened porch,
but your laughter was thin and i knew your heart wasn't in it
because of how you'd clutched me to your chest in the water whispering, "i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry," all the way to the dock.

for the rest of the afternoon
i punished you by retreating a few steps everytime you reached for me, as if we were repelling ends of a magnet. 
no, no.
you stay.
bad girl.
actually, i forgave you quickly, but you don't need to know that.
otherwise, how will you learn?