I like thrift shops.  They are a potpourri of sights and smells.  I don't have very high standards.  I will buy almost anything there.  I have found unique kids' clothes, interesting t-shirts, furniture and even cool drinking glasses, but I draw the line at the used underwear.

Who is buying this underwear?  Seriously, who can tell me?  Don't tell me it's for poor or homeless people.  You can buy cheap underwear at Family Dollar for the same price...granted it's thin and itchy, but it's available.  And surely there are not antique underwear collectors out there - can we agree on that?

I like how the underwear is displayed proudly on hangers.  "And here ladies and gentlemen is our latest collection of previously-owned men and boys' briefs.  Sure, you are used to seeing them in bright white, but we have the most popular styles - all in ecru.  It's the big thing now.  If you are lucky, you might stumble onto a pair signed by our most famous designer:  Tommy Watson / Camp '99."

I think if we ever get desperate enough to buy that underwear, we need to remember, underwear isn't even required.  Society does not know whether you are wearing it, so if your budget gets tight, just skip it.