Friendly HIlls Auction Opening

Have you ever set up a joke so seriously that you were maybe too convincing?  At the auction to raise money for a mission trip to LONDON, I started off acting as if we were sending people to a third world country.  Chris told me afterwards that I was so straight that he is certain people left wondering whether I knew the truth.

Educational for me however:
Rule 1)  It's okay to make the audience think a little, but don't give them a knot in their stomach for four minutes, until you let them relax...especially if they're a nice Christian audience; they will worry with and for you.  The pagans might enjoy you floundering, but you will give the Christians empathetic diarrhea.

Rule 2) Don't punctuate every punchline with "sooooo..."

But overall, we made some money; it's all about the money...and the British.