KISS Knex!

Whaaaaat?  I know.  They're like Kiss Legos.  SO weird...and yet, I am definitely buying some...
But what will you do with them, Pam?  Don't ask; I don't even know. 
My 8-year-old son won't play with them. 
I'm not a middle aged man who has a room devoted to Star Wars figures still in the packages. 
Also, I'm not another middle adged man who has a cubicle at work in which to display toys and bobble heads.
But these are not for nerds.  These are for Veterans of the Kiss Army - well, a select few veterans who also have kids that lead them down the Lego aisle. 
I can't think of anyone who'd buy them except for me really.  That must be why they made them. 
So I have to.
It's what Paul would want.