i don't heart facebook..there, i said it.

oh facebook, how i don't heart you, let me count the ways:
you bring back visitors from far and foreign lands of the past...like high school; they don't belong here.
you prompt me to tell the world of my every move and status...and i do;
you encourage others to tell me theirs...and they are mopping and watching paint dry;
you rob us of our chit chat, so that when we get together there is nothing else to say;
oh facebook, my eyes burn, my fingers cramp, but still i can't look away;
what is the "fast girl" from high school doing to her hair these days?
how pretty is my ex-boyfriend's wife?
what are her favorite movies and books?
questions that shouldn't be answered, but you do, facebook, you do... you answer these and more. so, so much more.
it's hard, but you must go.
i pull the plug. i look up. the smog clears.
i see my husband. i see my kids.
my status: FREE.
my house: dirty