Sweet Dolly Justice, Batman!

I went to law school with a girl named Dolly Justice. She was petite, perky, made good grades, and her name sounded like a pert fictitious superhero. She was hard to like.

However, I'm reminded of her this morning, because justice is on my mind. God's justice. And how I like the idea of God opening up a can of it on someone who bothers me. But how I hate the idea of Him sending any my way.

After my son acted pretty rotten to his little sister yesterday, I gave him a tongue lashing and sent him to his room. Later he came to the top of the stairs sobbing, "Don't you even care about ME?!" I said, "The problem is not that you want us to care about you; it's that you want us to care about you MORE than your sister. That's not going to happen."

That's sort of how I feel with God though. I'll find myself praying and venting about someone who's giving me a big pain, summoning down His smiting power. Then all of sudden, it dawns on me that she is His child too.  Hrumph.  I realize He likes her as much as me. How is that possible? I'm so charming. She's so not. How can I not be the favorite? Excuse me, Sir, I thought we had something special.

I'm immediately put in check. He is on my side, but He's on her side too, right? Or maybe He's just got His own side...I don't know how it works exactly. It makes my head hurt a little to think about it, but I'm glad He handles it His way and not mine. After all, what if someone somewhere is praying down a can of smite onto me? I definitely don't want Him on her side.