why not?

I read an interview with KISS in the 90s, during their reunion tour. The band members explained that they have had one goal always: to put on a great and memorable show. And they did, didn't they? Does anyone not know their reputation? Everyone from former KISS army soldiers, currently in their 40s, to soccer moms, know that KISS means: leather suits, electric guitars, Gene Simmons' tongue and "the kitty cat who sang that Beth song." Why does music have to be about being classically trained? Unique or alternative? Deep and moody? Only women in high heels? Can't we just have a little fun?

In 1976, my dad came home from his job at Eckerd Drugs with a copy of Destroyer. "This is new; you'll probably want to know about them." While other homes were banning their sons from listening, Bud thought it might be nice for his 5 and 11-year-old daughters to listen in to the new voices of rock and roll. And he was right! It was awesome, and for some reason, I was NEVER scared of them (and I was scared of a lot in the 70s...Nostradamus' predictions of the apocalypse, Fantasy Island when the ventriloquist's dummy shoved her owner into the puppet box).

For the record, I attended the KISS reunion tour in Columbia, SC, and I would like to say that it was a whole bucket of fun. Ace Frehley played a smoking solo, then his guitar was raised like some sort of idol that we watched dangle above us, until finally, it exploded into fireworks. But I didn't feel for a moment that I was really at a religious service for Knights in Satan's Service. And I am pretty sure Gene, Ace, Paul and Peter weren't recruiting us to enlist. So I think the question here is not, why love KISS, but rather, why NOT love them?